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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Pay Per Click

Online Jobs-pay per click

Pay-per-click advertising can add a valuable tool to your business campaign. With the right attitude and strategy, your PPC advertising can be a great success, yielding more visitors to your site and converting them into clients. However, without proper planning, your PPC advertising can become a floundering waste of time and money! Following some simple PPC advertising tips can help you maximize the profits you receive from your PPC advertising ads.

First of all, as in any online business campaign, you must carefully consider what keywords you are using to describe your product. A great way to distinguish yourself from your competition is to select unique keywords. Sometimes, your best tool is a good thesaurus.

For example, if you provide pet products, but only dog and cat products, a good way to stand out from the large retail chains is to use very specific keywords, such as "canine products", "dog products", "dog shampoo", or "dog toys". Using "pet products" would result in your campaign falling to the bottom of the advertisement list, since there are thousands of other sites with "pet products" in their PPC keywords.

When designing your ads, make it very clear what specific product you provide. It's OK to include the name of your business; however, when you also focus your ads around your product, your customers won't click unnecessarily on your ad just to find out what you provide. These unnecessary clicks result in wasted clicks where your customers won't become clients because your product isn't what they are looking for. A good way to maximize the efficiency of your ads is to put the actual keyword you use to describe your product on your advertisement, not just your business name.

Once you have your PPC ads launched, don't become lazy and forget to track which ads are working, and which are not. It's quite easy to track the visitor to client rate in most PPC provider programs. Simply figure out what percentage of your visitors are becoming customers for each advertisement. When you have an especially successful PPC ad, note how you have the ad designed. Note which colors, words, and setup you are using graphically with the advertisement. Also note the keywords you used and apply those same keywords throughout your page and in future PPC ads.

Some businesses prefer to pull their PPC ads after a successful run, and create new ads under the impression that they must continually refresh their advertisements. If you have a PPC ad that is still successful, there's nothing wrong with continuing your campaign with the same ad! Also, you can add other PPC providers with the same ad to expose your product to new audiences in new sites. If you find that a certain ad style is giving you the greatest success, use this style in the future in new ways.

Most importantly, don't forget to pay your PPC providers service! PPC works as long as you pay, unlike the more common SEO techniques that are often successful as well. With a solid PPC game plan you can extend your sites reach into new consumer dimensions and expand your internet campaign.

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